Tibco Spotfire Training

If you are a professional who daily deals with analytics and utilizes the reports for the growth of the company then learning Spotfire would be the best fit for your profession. Spotfire is an incredibly ground-breaking undertaking grade explanatory stage for inferring significant business bits of knowledge. It is a shrewd, secure, adaptable and versatile apparatus that gives information perception, revelation, and wrangling and prescient examination capabilities.

Spotfire VS Tablue: What Should I learn?

Whenever it comes to Spotfire, there is a big dilemma in the professional class that if Spotfire is better than Tablue or not. And in that justification the learning activities of the Spotfire course also depends. Spotfire accompanies similar general representation abilities as Tableau, yet it has a progressively dated interface and fewer customization alternatives. Clients can make reports, investigate information and make dashboards, however, perceptions are less advanced in Spotfire than in Tableau. So Tablue being one of the best class data visualizations and analytical tool, Spotfire is better and updated than Tablue in many cases. So taking a step forward to learn the Spotfire tool is always a great decision.

Why Spotfire is used?

  • Data discovery and visualization
  • Dashboard and Analytics App
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools
  • Predictive Analysis

Why Should I learn Spotfire or Benefits of Learning Spotfire?

  • Spotfire finds the actualities that ruin client and association relationship.
  • Spotfire breaks down fall and ascent of an item in the market through the graphical portrayal of the deals and surveys of the item data predicts deals volumes.
  • Spotfire future can be anticipated by examining the past and current information by utilizing factual techniques.
  • TIBCO Spotfire fundamentally decreases the expense of possession by empowering clients to deal with many clients over the Internet utilizing only one database.


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1.  Introdution to Analytics

  • What is Analytics tool?
  • Google trend report on Tibco tool
  • What is the scope of this Spotfire course?
  • Why do we need Analytics?
  • Where does Tibco Spotfire stand (Compared to other competitors)?
  • Google trend report on Competitors and comparison
  • Naukri and Monster job openings
  • Salary report from Indeed & Payscale
  • A walkthrough on the course content.

2. What is Tibco Spotfire

  • Short Tibco Spotfire Demo with a Real time Project
  • Navigation
  • What is the scope of Tibco Spotfire Training
  • Important options and Shortcuts in the tool
  • Types of Tools in Tibco Spotfire (Walkthrough)
  • What’s the Architecture, SOA, Client server or Cloud
  • Tibco Spotfire Cloud?

3. Installation of Tibco Spotfire

  • Supported Systems (Is Windows, Linux, Mac supported)
  • What is the Alternative it it’s not Supported(Virtualbox)
  • Supported Databases
  • Integration with other tools.

4. Spotfire Overview

  • Navigation and overview
  • How to Filter Data
  • What is Data Drill-Dow.

5. The Underlying Data

  • What is the expected Format of a Data Table
  • How to load Data using an Information Link?
  • How to open New Data

6. Visualizations in Tibco Spotfire

  • How to Configure Tables
  • What are Configure Bar Charts and How to configure and interpret them
  • What are Configure Line Charts and How to configure and interpret them
  • Advanced Visualizations

7. Advanced properties

  • Configuring Colouring and Filter Type with display options
  • Organizing Filters and Defining Filtering Schemes.
  • Trellis Visualizations and Detail Visualizations
  • Highlighting Items and Multiple Markings.

8. Advanced Visualization Types

  • How to save a Spotfire File
  • How to Export Data
  • How to Export Visualizations
  • What is Combination Chart and how to use them?
  • What are Scatter Plots & 3D PLOTS?
  • What are Pie Charts and how to use them?

9. Summary,Cross & Graphical Tables

  • What are Summary tables and how to configure and use them?
  • What are Cross tables and how to configure and use them
  • What are Graphical tables and how to configure and use them?

10. Map Charts, Parallel Coordinate Plots,Treemaps, Box Plots, Heat Maps

  • What are Map Chart and how to configure and use them?
  • What are Treemap and how to configure and use them?
  • What are Box Plot and how to configure and use them?
  • What are Heat Map and how to configure and use them?

11. Text Areas, Adding Data To An Existing Analysis, Formatting Numbers, Handling Multiple Data Tables

  • Colouring, Colour Modes, Colour Break Points, Colouring Rules
  • Colouring in Tables, Cross Tables and Heat Maps
  • Advanced Colouring Features.
  • Adding New Rows & Columns to a Data Table
  • How to add New Data Tables and select it?
  • Transformations and Short Number Format.
  • Filters Panel with Multiple Data Tables and options
  • Relating across Visualizations

12. Bundling Data,Using Tags, Capturing Your Analysis

  • What is Data Binning and Auto binning?
  • What is a Binned Column
  • Using Lists and Bookmarks
  • Adding, Applying and sharing Bookmarks
  • Deriving More Information From Raw Data

13. Node Navigation Methods and Examples

  • Different Node Navigation Methods
  • Limiting Data Using Markings, Filterings & Expression
  • Lines & Curves
  • Horizontal and Vertical Line
  • Curve Draw
  • Curve from Data Table
  • Line from Column Value
  • Lines & Curves Example
  • Hierarchical Clustering.

14. What are Information Links?

  • How to create an Information Link and add elements
  • Specifying Join Path & description
  • Adding Filters and Prompts
  • Specifying Conditioning & Properties
  • Showing Parameters
  • Saving the Information Link
  • Viewing and Editing SQL Paths.

15. Opening Data Using an Information Link, General Workflow For Using Information Designer, Sharing Analyses, Pages, Markings

  • Creating Advanced Elements
  • What are aggregated and Drillable Columns
  • Loading Data on Demand.
  • Distribution of Analyses
  • Data Access Options.
  • Page Modes.
  • Filters and Filtering Schemes
  • Details-on-Demand
  • Drill-down, Different Markings
  • Columns from Marked.

16. Text Areas & Dashboards

  • Editing the Text Area
  • Creating Links to Website
  • Adding Filter Controls
  • Adding Action Controls
  • Adding Property Controls
  • Adding Dynamic Items.
  • Authoring Tips
  • Using the Collaboration Panel
  • Using a SPOTFIRE File as a Template
  • Using Information Links as Template.
  • Publishing Analyses To TIBCO Spotfire Web Player
  • Saving to the Library
  • Web Player User Interface.

17. CanopY project in Tibco Spotfire

  • Project Overview
  • How to configure an End to end real-time project.
  • Project Guidance
  • Project Submission and Verification

18. Mock Interviews with Questions and Answers Discussion

  • Functional Q&A
  • Technical Q&A
  • Project Q&A (For Multiple Domains like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Ecommerce etc)
  • Question for Fresher’s and Experienced (How do they differ?)
  • How to justify if the resource is not certified.

19. Certification Preparation Session

  • How difficult is it to clear the certifications
  • Levels of certification
  • How to register for them(Technical details)
  • Can I apply for certification if my company is not a partner
  • If not, what is the alternative
  • Certification Mock Q&A discussion

20. Resume Preparation Help

  • What’s a Best resume
  • What if my resume is worst
  • How to prepare a great resume
  • Should I be on LinkedIn, Of course Yes
  • Providing Photo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Links in a Resume
  • Create Blog, Quora, Stackexchange etc and provide the links in resume.
  • SEO in Naukri (how to be on the Top)
  • Creating Multiple Profiles in case you need a job urgently(Naukri lookhole)
  • Floating your resume in Monster, indeed, Shine etc.
  • How to Search for Job providers and jobs in linkedIn
  • Aggressive Follow, that’s what counts

21. Post Job Support

  • How can we support you if you are in a project
  • Can we help you in a disaster recovery process
  • How to be in touch with my colleagues and expert

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