What is SAP Lumira?

SAP Lumira is a visual intelligence tool for growing better and more refined UIs. With this module set up, end clients are fundamentally engaged with the upgraded ability and supreme usefulness of easy to use interfaces. The application empowers clients to picture, access, modify information of any size and number, the same number of times as they need in the framework. Here, clients can picture the parts of interactive information without putting forth much attempt of scripting the equivalent. They can break down the information for their utilization quickly, with the assistance of existing and different gadgets that are viable with the worthwhile highlights of SAP Lumira.

Data is entered in Lumira as data set and you can apply filters, hierarchies, calculated columns to build documents on Lumira. You can choose various charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, etc. to visualize the data effectively.

How does Lumira SAP works?

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira also known as Lumira is a business intelligence software developed and marketed by SAP BusinessObjects. The software is used to manipulate and visualize data. Data is entered in Lumira as data set and you can apply filters, hierarchies, calculated columns to build documents on Lumira. You can choose various charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, etc. to visualize the data effectively.

Why should you learn Lumira SAP?

The SAP Lumira cloud service gives a protected environment to clients of business venture,and with simple alternatives of picking and dropping anytime on the screen, for all users. The course has budget licensing permitting for the quick arrangement of SAP Lumira.You can predict future outcomes & can also analyse the changing market situations.You can create data visualizations and stories from multiple data sources.It helps you to adapt data to organizational needs to create stories with visualizations.You can share the visualizations on different platforms like SAP HANA, BO Explorer, Business Objects BI Platform, etc. .The course doesn't need a particular programming or equipment to work upon, aside from the installation of SAP Lumira for operational purposes. This course helps SAP experts get a reasonable thought regarding data visualizations and arrangement of improved abilities to end clients.

Pre Requisites?

Basic understanding of business intelligence concepts & basic understanding of data formatsis an added benefit but not manadatory. At Meritstep the course would be taught from the scratch therefore you need not worry.


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  • Explain SAP Lumira discovery 2.0 with SAP lumira designer
  • Create documents and acquire data
  • Prepare datasets
  • Visualize data
  • Share stories


  • Application consultants
  • Business Analyst
  • Executive
  • Technology Consultant
  • User

Course based on software release

  • SAP Lumira discovery 2.0 with SAP lumira designer


SAP Lumira discovery 2.0  Content

  • Getting started
  • Acquiring data using flat file, universe,SQL, HANA and

Preparing the dataset and cleansing data.

  • Visualizing data, Sharing your story
  • Combining data sets appending the data
  • Managing the connections and associated documents
  • Creating dash boards using SAP BW query
  • Connection to Horton Works, mapR, and cloudera
  • sanbox
  • Working with dimensions, measures and hierarchies,
  • and calculated measures.
  • Creation of geographical hierarchies based on
  • longitude and latitude.
  • Creation of groups
  • Visualizing data based on sort, rank, calculate and
  • filter
  • Chart, tables, Story formatting and applying conditional
  • formatting.
  • Visualizations using Esri Maps and extensions.
  • Data blending visulaizations
  • Adding pictures, shapes, text to a storyand adding a
  • hyperlink
  • Adding dynamic text to a story
  • Exporting data set to csv
  • Publishing data set to HANA and Business objects
  • explorer
  • Save a document to SAP lumira server teams
  • Saving documents to BI platforms.
  • Scheduling a document refresh
  • Create and share a user account and user group for
  • server for teams
  • Create reference line in visulaizations
  • Creating custom calculations

SAP BO Lumira designer

  • Create script free applications
  • using Analysis components like e.g. Crosstab and Chart
  • using Container components
  • using Basic components with data bound properties
  • using Icons and Images
  • using the Scorecard component for highly formatted tables
  • understanding the interoperability between the SAP BI clients o
  • Using Grids layouts, panels, Pages
  • Define the layout of applications
  • Understanding the usage of Templates (Blank, discovery and
  • generic analysis)
  • Using predefined Themes
  • Using the direct CSS property o Using a Custom CSS file.
  • Create advanced applications using scripting techniques
  • Introduction to scripting
  • Define the navigation behavior of basic components with
  • scripting
  • Using local variables in script functions
  • Using global variables as URL parameter
  • Using global script objects and formatter functions o Deploy
  • and optimize applications on mobile devices
  • Open URL documents to connect reports with Analysis for
  • office and other BO reports using open documents.
  • Check boxes, dropdowns, List box, and panels using on select
  • scripting conditions.
  • CMC Admin Activities
  • Creation of OLAP connections is CMC for SAP BI, Universe
  • and HANA plat forms
  • Installation of Lumira designer client tools from SAP market
  • place.
  • Applying complex java scripting procedures to enable SDK
  • components
  • Downloading SAP defined and third part SDK components to
  • build the Lumira designer objects
  • SDK Component
  • Connecting the Lumira designer to the BI plat form and creating
  • the data sources in platform.

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