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October 21 - 2019 Meritstep

In the new technological world, business analysis has become the biggest aspect of running a successful business unit. SAP Hana is one of the best BA or Business Analytics tools that one can use to get fruitful results. SAP Hana is one of the most prominent tools from SAP, and it has taken a big time to develop this software. If we talk about the latest SAP Hana version which got released in the June 18th, 2011 then it went highly successful in terms of using records that people liked it.  Also, a pre-release version of SAP HANA was given to selected customers in October 2010 before they released it officially in the market.

SAP Hana Analysis

The famous tool, which is known as BO or BOBJ, is actually the SAP BusinessObjects BI that works as a suite in the applications. This suite works as a front-end application that allows the business users to view, sort, and structure, evaluate and analyse the business data. It works as a business intelligence software, and so far it has been appreciated by an enormous number of users. The full form of HANA is High-Performance Analytic Appliance.

As a learner, if you want to do a course in SAP Hana, you need to be good in number crunching and has to have a good passion for analytics. It is a platform for processing high volumes of operational and transactional data in real time. Hence, if you don’t love data and playing with its structure, modules and evaluate for fruitful results, then SAP Hana is not an appropriate course for you.

Why Would You Learn SAP Hana

Our SAP Hana course is for 30 hours only and we provide 35 days of the window to our candidates to complete it. The market for business analysis is growing rapidly. And any business is it from IT, manufacturing or consulting, they want highly skilled BA candidates to full fill their analytical demands. If you learn SAP Hana, in such a shorter span of time from Meritstep, it will be useful for you to excel in your job domain or to get a new job. The final choice is yours. Any help from our side, in terms of the course and related queries, please contact us.s

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