Meritstep SAP FICO Course


SAP FICO is one of the most popular financial tools available today. Any person that knows SAP FICO well, can easily fetch a great client or company and provide ultimate solutions for them. Hence, you can imagine the demand in the market. In SAP FICO, FI stands for Financial Accounting, and CO stands for Controlling. This tool is used for handling and managing ERP in the corporates and processes, evaluates and determines the financial data transactions. The functions like doing balance sheets, profit & loss statements or any external reporting per se.

The features of an SAP FICO system includes all these financial attributes, by which you can easily do huge calculations of the company’s financial statements and provide genuine results to the company in any conditions. These are –

General Ledger Accounting.
Bank Accounting.
Assets Accounting.
Accounts Receivable.
Travel Management.
Accounts Payable.
Special Purpose Ledger.

Advantages of Taking up the SAP FICO Course

In the recent edge, the companies are dealing with lots of complex issues. The requirements from the clients and meeting the best level of solutions doesn’t stand easily if a good infrastructure is not available in the company. IT Infrastructure plays a huge role in any company. It’s very evident that SAP FICO is majorly used in the financial companies. And since a long time, this application is been used by many high-end business units, corporates as it helps the business to run smoothly and quickly. SAP FICO provides well-structured and effective financial solutions. Moreover it's user-friendly and learning to operate it is easy. The mechanism that SAP FICO holds is authentic and efficient to use in any global company. With proper utilization of this software, one can address issues and areas such as Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Bank accounting, General and other ledgers, Cost and profit centres and Management of different financial assets.

Meritstep brings you the exclusive SAP FICO course which takes 60 hours of focused time to complete. We provide a 1-month window to complete the whole course. This course is specially produced for any finance professionals, students, or IT engineer who has financial knowledge. But without having financial education, it won't be possible to pursue, because SAP FICO is all about finance and accounting. Any help from our side, in terms of the course and related queries, please contact us. 

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